Surf School Fuerteventura

Summer, Sun, Beach,Sand and new Friends...... SURF IT!

The European Hawaii. That's what insiders call Fuerteventura. The easiest way to catch your first wave is to take part at the Homegrown Surfschool.

We offer you a unique surfing experience in a safe and friendly environment. All equipment, surfboards and wetsuits are of the best quality. Being a totally mobile Surfschool we offer transportation in our Surfvehicles (4X4 Land Rovers to get you off road!!) to a variety of the finest beachbreaks of Fuerteventura. Our courses suit all levels and age groups.

You can book the courses with or without accommodation and you can start the course every day of the year (except the 1st of January).

Official Surfschool:
Surfschool Fuerteventura
Surfschool Fuerteventura


This guarantees that our Surfschool offers:

  • licensed surfteachers (who obtain also a license of lifeguard)
  • first class surf equipment for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  • insurance
  • maximum 8 students per instructor (from 9 students, 2 instructors)
  • the Surfschool is approved by the local authorities

Level 1: Surfcourse for beginners:

Ready to learn how to catch your first waves?! Here everybody is a beginner, nothing to be ashamed of. You will go surfing everyday and you will make daily progress in your surfing, so after this 6 days course you will be a real surfer. (Also possible to book for a 3 day surfcourse, but for a successful evolution in your training we recommend a 6 day course)

A 6 day beginner surfcourse looks like this:

1st day

  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Introduction of surf equipment  
  • Board handling at shore/ water
  • Explaining safety rules
  • Balance on surfboard
  • Gliding in whitewater (lying)
  • Try to take your first wave (standing)

2nd day
  • Paddling technique
  • Take-off technique in whitewater
  • Theory and practical at the shore
  • Take-off technique correction


3rd + 4th day

  • Theory and practical at the shore
  • Individual take-off correction
  • Turning the board (frontside)
  • Aceleration/stalling techniques
  • How to get to the line-up
  • Paddling into the line-up using the diving technique

5th + 6th day

  • Theory and practical at the shore
  • Take off in green waves
  • Turning the board (backside)
  • Paddling for green waves
  • Straight Take off
  • Take off Frontside/Backside

Level 2: Surfcourse for the intermediate surfer:

If you already did a surfcourse before, but you want to improve your skills and style, or simply want to surf in a good and safe atmosphere, then this is the level for you. 
The surfteachers will evaluate your skills and you will improve your surf learning new tricks.
When you book for an intermediate course you will have the chance to try different types of boards depending on the waves and your level. In our range of surfboards we have different types and different sizes of surfboards like fishes, evolutions, minimalibus and malibus.

In a 6 day intermediate course you will improve your:

Where do we go surfing?

With our 4X4 Land Rovers we have the opportunity to go to 6 different beachbreaks (playa cotillo, playa esquinzo, playa de las mujeres, playa tubaderas, playa morro, playa blanca) and 1 reefbreak (rockypoint). We are searching daily for the best conditions and waves according to your level.